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Podium for culture-makers, platform for stories

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Everyone is a culture-maker. Including you!

Limburg is full of stories – stories that we tell and share with each other. Because we are part of something bigger: Limburg culture. Whether you were born and raised here in the province or elsewhere. And we all create this culture, every day. Including you!

For example, when you celebrate centuries-old traditions or create new ones, when you speak, sing, or write in a Limburgish dialect, and when you recount your own memories or listen to those of others.

A meeting place for stories collects, archives, and preserves the stories of the people of Limburg. Personal experiences that bring together past, present, and future. These stories are presented on this platform alongside objects from collections and archives.

Here they are given context. They bring the rich culture of our province to life – for you and for generations to come. Because culture is what shapes us, stimulates us, makes us think.

At Ons Limburgs Museum, you will be immersed in stories that never cease to surprise and inspire: from podcasts to collections, from the past to the present, and from Eijsden to Mookerheide heath.

The Limburgs Museum is an initiative of the Limburgs Museum. The Limburgs Museum has an interactive programme full of exhibitions, events, and stories.

You can discover this programme in the museum in Venlo, at inspiring locations throughout the province, and online. At, the stories of Limburg are available to everyone – anytime, anywhere. This is where we are building the museum of the future, together. The Limburgs Museum is ours and for everyone.

Ons Limburgs Museum starts with stories of the Limburger. With your story!

Share your story

Onr Limburgs Museum tells the stories of the people of Limburg. Your story. Do you have a memory or an experience that belongs on Send it to us! Because culture is something we create together.

What can a story be?

A story can be any form and length and be about any topic – from a song about the Meuse to an article about a local hero, from a podcast about a family member to a film about a local monument.

Editorial guidelines

Everyone is invited to submit their story. Our editorial staff follow a number of guidelines when reviewing and editing submissions. Please keep the following in mind:

  • The content you send must be about Limburg.
  • The personal story must be your intellectual property, and not hurtful to others.
  • The editorial staff of will evaluate all submitted stories. They may decide not to publish your story – for example, if several stories on the same subject have already been submitted.
  • The editorial staff reserve the right to make textual changes.
  • The Limburgs Museum is permitted to use your content in online or other communications.
  • If your content is published, it will remain online for five years.
  • If you wish to modify or delete your story, please contact us via

After submission

Once you have submitted your story, we will respond within ten working days to let you know if your story will be published. In addition:

  • We may need more information or photos from you to complete the story. If so, we will contact you.
  • We will then delve into the museum’s collection to see which objects match your story and link them together.
  • The editorial staff may make textual or factual changes during this process.
  • We will notify you as soon as your story is online.
  • The time it takes to publish a story after submission varies; depending on the number of submissions we receive and the variety of content, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Do you have a memory or experience that deserves a spot on Ons Limburgs Museum?

Send it to us!
Marieke Koppelmans
John Thews
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