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Cliche vs. reality: what is your Limburg?

The oldest inhabited part of the Netherlands, but the second youngest province at the same time. Far from the Randstad, but in the heart of Europe. Region of shrinkage and ageing, but also of innovation and progress.

What makes your Limburg? Our province has an image full of cliches, what other identity can we place on the opposite side? And which perspective do you choose? Find out in these stories!

L20084 Jan de Jong Orkest Venlo Collectie Limburgs Museum
Van blaasmuziek tot beats en bars. Hoe klinkt jouw Limburg?
Image or identity: soon you will here read stories showing the different perspectives on Limburg.

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John Holsgens
Denise huinck Limburgs Museum Bronk Eijsden
Bibi Beekman Conservator Archeologie LM
BJ Baartmans

What makes Limburg?

Want to find out more about the stories of Limburg? The exhibition 'Work in Progress', now on display in the Limburgs Museum, takes you on a brief tour through Limburg's history while pondering various questions. What is Limburg? The landscape or the language, the borders or the people, our memories or the future?

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