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After spring, Thies Jansch and Jaimy Jurgen of the meme account Kirchroa Tropical will start creating content for Ons Limburgs Museum. Theyll dive into the museum collection and transform this classic heritage into new stories. All in their own Kirchroa Tropical style, of course.

Over a short time, the meme account Kirchroa Tropical grew from a prank to a large online community with over 19,000 followers. On Instagram, the Kerkrade creators share daily content with a wink.

The source of inspiration for their memes, merchandise and podcasts is the local culture of the eastern part of the Limburg mining region. With a dose of positive self-mockery, they bring the region and its unique history to the attention of a large group.

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Rellen op de Nieuwstraat tijdens het WK
Kirchroa Tropical20

Kirchroa Tropical's favourites

Soon you will read their own content here, for now they'll introduce themselves through their favourite stories:

Stockfoto Begraafplaats
Kijk mee met de conservator: (B)urn baby (b)urn
Bibi Beekman Conservator Archeologie LM
Bibi Beekman17
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