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Zandzakken leggen op de nooddijk 1995

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Meuse stories from the south

What is your story about the Meuse? Almost every Limburger has a connection with this river. Perhaps you visit its banks for inspiration or solace. Or maybe you experienced fearful moments during the floods. Ons Limburgs Museum brings together these Meuse stories with objects from the museum collection.

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L09744 DF Jacques Peeters Steyl kleiner
Figures of Steyl


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Marieke Koppelmans

More Meuse?

Can't get enough of this Limburg lifeline? Previously, we searched the province with Limburgers for answers to questions such as ‘Why can't we drink the water from the Meuse?’ and ‘Where does Limburgers' love for the Meuse come from?’ Discover topics like these and more at Ons Limburgs Museum.

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