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Celebrating Christmas in the water - 30 Years Later

Christmas 2023 marked exactly 30 years since the Meuse river in Limburg reached new record heights. This page is a historical liveblog that looks back on the events of this flood disaster between December 17 and December 28, 1993. Here, you’ll read about the day-to-day challenges of that time, paired with impressive footage, objects from our collection and quotes by Limburgers who stood knee-deep (or deeper!) in the water.

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Toetie en Swipey: het verhaal achter de foto
Frank Lommen
The River Meuse at its record height in 1993:
Journaal 22 dec maasmarathon 1

22 december 1993: Meuse valley disaster area

Reddingsboot gemeentearchief Venlo 23dec

23 december 1993: Rescuers in orange high-vis jackets

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