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Francisco Lekatompessy 3 BLUT

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Moluccan, Indonesian & Dutch

Selamat pagi,

Identity is a valuable asset, especially in a world where globalism is the new status quo, while hyper-individuality and community-building go hand in hand. It’s no wonder that this generation is filled with confusion and accompanying questions.

Understanding serves as the foundation when you want to build something well, and you yourself are the most important building in the city called your life. If you want to know who you are, it’s best to start by dissecting yourself, so you can learn how to put yourself together.
That’s 3BLUT, an exploration of the bricks that make up a person

Project “3BLUT” (pronounced as “Dree Bloot”) is a research and opinion work in which I pose questions to my background. Aiming to delve deeper into the history and current state of my heritage and, consequently, my identity.

Through this work, I inquire into parts of myself, represented by people beyond my own existence. Connected by the common thread that binds together the multiple cultures within me.

To accomplish this, I embark on journeys to the Moluccan island of Ambon, Java in Indonesia, and Limburg in the Netherlands. I present information—both newly discovered and perhaps previously shared and well-known—in a fresh perspective. This project culminates in a collection of paintings that serves as the overarching theme.

Over the coming months, this work will continue to evolve. Consider it a journey through questions, with an open mindset, leading to a place of new perspectives.

Welcome. May you receive the warmth of a horizon that perpetually expands.

Een Alfoer en een Europeaan KITLV 30299 tiff
Francisco Lekatompessy portret
Cisco Lekatompessy
Understanding serves as the foundation when you want to build something well
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